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From: "Debbie Carder" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Re: Changes at Ancestry
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 18:57:01 -0400
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I realize that but before, you got more hits the on newspapers that was the
person you wanted than you get now. I also know that if the person lived
in another state but was born in the state you put in, you will get them,
but I'm getting hits that don't have the state I'm putting in for either.
When I hit "back", it's showing no state put in. I assumed this is a
problem at ancestry because it never happened before & I've had ancestry.com
almost since it started.
Debbie Carder




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From: "Pat Asher" <>
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Subject: Re: [APG] Re: Changes at Ancestry

> At 03:23 PM 7/29/2006, Debbie Carder wrote:
>>I do mind that when I put an exact name in, it is giving me hits for
>>people with the surname but not the first name and some, especially the
>>newspapers, give you any page with the surname and first name but not
>>together as one name so you're getting a lot of hits but not for the
>>person you are looking for.
> Debbie,
> A database consists of fields for whatever data is included, e.g. surname,
> given name, birth date, birth location, etc. Newspapers are TEXT. A
> search of TEXT can only find "words". It can not assign a context to
> those words unless the indexer has done so, word by word. And the man
> hours necessary to do that would have a profound effect on the cost of the
> subscription.
>>Same for the states. I put a state in and sometimes am getting hits from
>>a lot of other states and few from the state I am trying to search. If I
>>wanted to do a surname search for all persons with that surname or in any
>>state, I wouldn't fill out the given name or state.
> As someone else mentioned, a search for John Adams in Massachusetts might
> produce census entries for John in Pennsylvania because he was born in
> Massachusetts.
> There is just no substitute for human interpretation of search results :)
> Pat
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