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From: Chris Tinney <>
Subject: [APG] Even when the FamilySearch.org goal of digitizing the massivevolume . . .
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:27:01 -0700 (PDT)
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On 4/6/07, wrote:
. . .
Even when the FamilySearch.org goal of digitizing the massive volume of
microfilms in the FHL vaults has been achieved, not all available records
will be available.
. . .

What I find interesting, is the new generation of database
resources, not listed as genealogical, but of exceptional
value to the professional. An example would be a recent
addition to Databases:
DCMI Projects: Dublin Core Projects - Alphabetical
"The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an open
organization engaged in the development of
interoperable online metadata standards that
support a broad range of purposes and business models."

I note:
http://www.gtj.org.uk/ ENGLISH: http://www.gtj.org.uk/en/index
"Gathering the Jewels is a website for Welsh cultural history.
Over 20,000 images and metadata (using Dublin Core standards)
of objects, books, letters, aerial photographs and other items
from museums, libraries and record offices in Wales."
This includes: Neighbourhood and Community
Birth, Marriage and Death, Fairs, markets and commerce,
Folklore and Custom , Language use, People,
Public buildings and spaces, The Country House Estate

I note:
SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network)
I found, as examples:
Title: Genealogical chart of the Munro Family of Achany
Image Rights Holder: Tain & District Museum
Title: Robert Peril, 'The Genealogical Tree of the House of Hapsburg', colour woodcut
Image Rights Holder: The Trustees of the British Museum

I note:
Subject Area Information for Anglo-American History
Metadata is generated for the listing and evaluation of
information related to Mathematics, Earth Sciences
or Anglo-American History and Literature. Sources
include Internet servers, CD-ROM's and reference books.

I note:
The Victorian Education Channel (an educational gateway
for the State of Victoria, Australia) has been developed to
integrate access to educational information and services
available on the web. . . .
I found, as an example:
Access to historical records and public records -
Frequently Asked Questions
Sub Set: School Reunions

And all this, and more, from one little item: DCMI Projects,
as part of a little sub set, on one page of listings, at the
Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, [both editions]
Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory

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