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From: "Connie Bradbury" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Saving/Filing Obituary Cippings
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 10:55:18 -0800
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When I was processing a collection of a former political figure from the
early 1900s in Alaska, the collection contained dozens and dozens of copies
of telegrams, not to mention the hundreds of newspaper clippings. We had to
put acid-free sheets of paper between every telegram. It was interesting to
see what the paper the telegram was printed on did to the papers next to
it. In some cases I had to photocopy those papers to preserve the contents,
leaving the damaged papers in protective sleeves. The archivist said that
over time the originals would disintegrate because of the damage the
telegram paper did.

Makes me wonder what the telegram paper was made out of.


On 8/9/07, Elizabeth Whitaker <> wrote:
> I've worked in an archives with old newspaper clippings: we
> photocopied these onto
> acid-free paper. (I was a student assistant and this was one
> of my duties.) Over about
> two years, I photocopied at least a few hundred newspaper
> clippings from the
> 1950s and 1960s onto acid-free paper. (I was processing the
> papers of a
> prominent figure in South Carolina who died in 1972.)
> Long-term preservation of newspaper requires either
> photocopying or scanning
> onto acid-free paper or microfilming. Nothing else will
> effectively preserve anything
> printed on acid newsprint -- unless one can afford high-end
> preservation methods.
> When preserving anything on paper, it is extremely important
> to minimize its
> exposure to light, especially sunlight.
> Elizabeth Whitaker
> Alexandria, VA
> Karen J Matheson wrote:
> > I agree--no tape! Go to a scrapbooking store, or one that sells
> > scrapbooking supplies, such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Purchase a
> spray
> .
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