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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: [APG] using "County"
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 08:15:49 -0500
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Rebecca Christensen wrote:
> In the "new FamilySearch" that is currently rolling out according to
> the user's location in the world, locations appear in the database
> both with or without "County" or "Co." but the standardized formats
> do not include the word "County" or "Co." A person can include the
> word "County" in an event location for viewing if that is their
> preference and then select the appropriate standardized location for
> the place which is used by the program for placing the event on the
> map and searches. The standardized format for a county is [Name of
> County], [Name of State], United States for locations in the US.

When I try to do a search for information on the United States of
America I have to type United States where I used to be able to enter
just V and the list of countries would show with Ubited States included.
> In the new software update released today, a new feature for entering
> places uses a type-ahead feature. From the listing of the new
> features of today's release it states, "As you begin to type a date
> or place-name, the system will give you a list of similar dates or
> places. If the correct choice appears, click it." I was
> surprised by the number of "New York"s there are in the world.

What part of FamilySearch are you talking about?

My software TMG does not use the type ahead feature as it can so easily
lead to errors in data input.
> Very few people at this time have access to the new program. As I
> understand it, the program version still hasn't reached 1.0.
> Hopefully, what I have written makes enough sense to realize that the
> format of the location doesn't "cause a problem" for LDS temple
> submissions.

bob gillis

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