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From: "Elizabeth Shown Mills" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] book title punctuation
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 19:18:38 -0600
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>Elizabeth, your new book may well cover this,

At 2.76 and other passages :).

>but allow me to ask anyway. I agree that book titles on book covers and
title pages omit punctuation you normally should use when writing the title
on a single line. Does that mean that when we cite such a book (in text,
footnote, or bibliography) we are permitted (grammatically) to add a colon
(in this example, between "America" and "How"? Must we?

Paul, I'll quote the part of 2.76 that deals with book/CD titles (as opposed
to manuscript titles):

"Titles of published works such as books or CDs are often typographically
designed titles that break up the title across several lines and omit
punctuation marks at the ends of those lines. When we convert those titles
to a sentence-syle citation, we are expected to add the proper punctuation
for clarity. Principally, this involves

- adding a colon between the title and subtitle; and
- ensuring that appositives have a comma after them as well as before them
(see 2.64).

> (And if more than one punctuation mark could be substituted, is it our

Between the main title and the subtitle, the convention is to use a colon.
On either side of the colon (i.e., within the main title or within the
subtitle), commas frequently appear and semicolons sometimes do--especially
with old books that have very long subtitles.



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