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Subject: Re: [APG] Aancestry Patent
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 02:18:07 EST

Richard, my recollection is that the GenTech model was intended to identify
and describe all the concepts and the releationships among them that go into
how we "do genealogy." The model related to software development only
indirectly, in that it recognized that none of the software then available could
accommodate all the various concepts we use, and how they relate, or don't
relate to each other. There was a hope that it might provide the conceptual
framework for a new generation of genealogical software.

The concept from the model that came immediately to mind was the one labled
"persona," a personal name associated with some other item like a date,
place, or event, but not yet identified with or attached to a particular
individual. It's a concept we all have to deal with daily, whether indexing,
searching, or associating evidence with individuals, but there's still no place to
usefully store and organize such items in any of the genealogical database
programs I'm familiar with. We have to treat each persona as if it were an
unlinked person, rather than an isolared tidbit of information.


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If I recall correctly, the GenTech concept dealt with trying to get some
uniformity among the various genealogy software programs. How would that be
related to a search engine concept?

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