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From: "Jake Gehring" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Ethical Membership
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 13:58:21 -0700

Elissa, Melinde, et. al.,I'd like to share a related opinion, though I'm not sure it's directlylinked to Melinde's concern.Speaking for myself, I believe that as the organization has grown (morethan doubled in membership in the last ten years), we've missed anopportunity to 'upgrade' communication and transparency too. I see this asmuch more of a challenge now than when the organization had 800 or 1,000members.I think the new APG "Gathering of the Chapters" meeting at NGS is anexample of an attempt to catch up. I believe we can do more to help keepcommunication lines open and keep processes more transparent.Examples of what I mean might include an APG annual report to members,better use of our Information Officer position for internal communication(via blog, member forum, etc.). I've had a chance to talk about this alittle bit with the incoming EC in the last month, and hope to pick thebrains of the 2008/9 board as well. Input from others, whether APG membersor not, is certainly welcome--feel free to send me an e-mail with yourthoughts.As far as ethics issues are concerned, when formal complaints are receivedthey are routed to the APG Professional Review Committee which reviewscases according to pretty strict policy guidelines and the APG Code ofEthics. The committee then makes recommendations to the EC (and the Boardin more serious cases).The review process is somewhat confidential to protect the partiesinvolved, and includes an appeals procedure as well, but I think ifMelinde's raising an issue of improper conduct, I invite her to contact me(as Sharon is currently out-of-pocket) or Kathy so we can log thecomplaint and take steps to investigate.Jake Gehring2008-9 APG President

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