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Subject: Re: [APG] Ethical Membership
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 14:42:28 -0700 (MST)
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Christine, et. al.,

APG is a 501c6. The organization does produce an annual report which is
presented at the annual meeting, usually held in conjunction with an APG
roundtable at a national conference.

I was thinking of an expansion to that concept, not necessarily as
elaborate as the OGS Annual Report (see
http://www.ogs.org/about/2005report.php), but something more detailed and
distributed more widely.


> Hi Jake --
> Is the APG now a 501c3? If so, aren't they required to have an annual
> report?
> Christine
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> Elissa, Melinde, et. al.,
> I'd like to share a related opinion, though I'm not sure it's directly
> linked to Melinde's concern.
> Speaking for myself, I believe that as the organization has grown (more
> than doubled in membership in the last ten years), we've missed an
> opportunity to 'upgrade' communication and transparency too. I see this as
> much more of a challenge now than when the organization had 800 or 1,000
> members.
> I think the new APG "Gathering of the Chapters" meeting at NGS is an
> example of an attempt to catch up. I believe we can do more to help keep
> communication lines open and keep processes more transparent.
> Examples of what I mean might include an APG annual report to members,
> better use of our Information Officer position for internal communication
> (via blog, member forum, etc.). I've had a chance to talk about this a
> little bit with the incoming EC in the last month, and hope to pick the
> brains of the 2008/9 board as well. Input from others, whether APG members
> or not, is certainly welcome--feel free to send me an e-mail
> () with your thoughts.
> As far as ethics issues are concerned, when formal complaints are received
> they are routed to the APG Professional Review Committee which reviews
> cases according to pretty strict policy guidelines and the APG Code of
> Ethics. The committee then makes recommendations to the EC (and the Board
> in more serious cases).
> The review process is somewhat confidential to protect the parties
> involved, and includes an appeals procedure as well, but I think if
> Melinde's raising an issue of improper conduct, I invite her to contact me
> (as Sharon is currently out-of-pocket) or Kathy so we can log the
> complaint and take steps to investigate.
> Jake Gehring
> 2008-9 APG President
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