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From: Kathy Cortez <>
Subject: [APG] Education part I, was: Re: Accreditation - Retry
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 12:32:43 -0700
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> I learned that the persistent people graduated, not necessarily the
> more intelligent ones.

> Education is a process, not a destination. I guarantee that the
> process of getting an education, if done diligently, will make you
> a better researcher. Notice, I am not saying better than others,
> but it will stretch you beyond the boundaries of what you thought
> possible within yourself.
> You can easily get to the end of your life and tell yourself that
> you couldn't have been any better or smarter. That's fine! Just
> like certification forces you to produce proof of your worthiness,
> an education forces you to show your capabilities. Everyone I have
> known that makes it through the final challenge, the thesis or
> doctorate, comes through the other side saying, "I did not know I
> was capable of so much." A student develops a different kind of
> rigor. Can you be a self-disciplined student of life? Yes you can,
> but it takes real dedication. I know that I do much better with a
> deadline or a task master.
> Before and during my undergrad I thought I was a great genealogist.
> The process of my education and the research and writing of a
> thesis took me to another level academically. I spent three years
> writing my thesis. I woke up processing the information and I went
> to bed digesting what I had taken it that day. It was a 24/7
> experience. When I would meet with my adviser she would edit out
> any word or thought that I could not prove. It was a gut wrenching
> process, but I learned to be more deliberate in my writing. I am a
> better genealogist because of my education. I would never dare
> compare myself to any other researcher, schooled or not. However, I
> encourage as many people as I can to get an education. I wish
> somebody would have told me years ago that the masters would be
> easier than the undergrad, because all the work is in your interest
> area. Though more rigorous, all the homework is intended to aid
> you in mastering your subject.
> Whenever I post regarding education I usually get two or three
> private emails along the lines of, "Not everybody can afford the
> time or the money to go to college" or " Some of us don't need an
> education." Don't think it was easy for me. I dragged my books and
> my laptop to family gatherings, on the road when my husband was on
> tour, and even into the bathroom. I did not take a vacation for
> years. I knew that I would not be able to relax and enjoy myself
> with all that homework waiting for me at home. I would do it all
> over again, every excruciating minute. In the midst of my education
> there were deaths, births, weddings, natural disasters, and all the
> other debris of life. In other words, if I could do it anybody could.
> As far as I know there is only one thing I am taking from this
> world when I go and that is the knowledge I gain during this lifetime.
> Kathy Cortez
> APG Member
> Saratoga Springs, Utah

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