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From: "Eileen Polakoff" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Going "Pro"
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 12:14:16 -0500

Amy and others considering hanging out a shingle:

You ask good questions and have had great advice from others to date. In
addition I would suggest the following:

Regarding the Numbering Genealogies book which is currently out-of-print you
could try inter-library loan or read related materials on Cyndi's List about
the topic. I believe there are a number of articles available which will
help you understand various numbering systems. Also, IMHO this is not an
area you have to worry about when first starting out since learning how to
do research and report the results to clients in good, clear, and concise
English is your first item to work on.

Not mentioned yet are the following which I find very helpful for anyone
starting out or thinking about opening a business related to genealogy:

Audio tapes of past lectures. There are dozens I would recommend including
any done as part of the APG Professional Management Conference (at FGS
conferences) or the BCG Skillbuilding series at either NGS or FGS
conferences. Repeat Performances taped them and I believe they still sell
them. You might also check with libraries who loan items such as these (I
think Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne rents tapes but don't quote
me on it).

Syllabus materials for either of the above special events. The Professional
Management Conference has created a special syllabus each year since 1998.
Most are out-of-print but you might be able to borrow them from Allen County
or a genealogist who attended and saved their materials. (Genealogists are
pack rats and we keep the strangest things.make friends with other members
of APG and borrow from their personal libraries. What can you share with

Plan to attend the PMC this year in Philadelphia (September 3 I believe).

Join APG. No one says you have to be a practicing professional to join but
if you do you will be able to read the APG Quarterly, Member Forum, order
back issues of the Quarterly, etc.

Join a chapter of APG if one exists within traveling distance for you. If
one doesn't exist.look into forming one.

Read books and articles about being a consultant. A genealogist is
essentially a consultant and you can learn from these writings.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Eileen Polakoff

New York City

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