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From: "L.L. Scott" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Opinion on stack of rocks near cemetery
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 10:18:02 -0600
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You are too far inland for them to be ballast.
Could it be Indian burials, how far are you from Philidelphia?

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Subject: [APG] Opinion on stack of rocks near cemetery

> This is driving me crazy and I hope someone can give me their opinion of
> what it could be.
> There are stacked rocks that is almost oval shaped within 10 feet of a
> very old fenced cemetery (last burial about 1863). It is approximately 6
> feet in length and 4 foot in width and at one time appeared to be deeper
> than 3 feet (this is based on looking down into it). A tree about 30 to 40
> feet tall is growing in it. One side is approximately a foot tall and the
> other about 2 feet, because of the land slope. These rocks are not native
> to this area and some of them are quite large.
> Based on the proximity to the cemetery and the size, I don't think it was
> a well. I found no markings on the rocks, as if something was attached to
> the top.
> Has anyone come across something like this or have an idea on what it may
> have been used for?
> Thanks for any assistance!
> Clarise Soper
> Hattiesburg, MS


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