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From: "Alvie L. Davidson CG" <>
Subject: [APG] Odd Question
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 20:59:50 -0500

Good evening folks,

I know this might seem like a question for another venue but I am sure
others might have the same question. I just bought a new HP laptop with
Windows Vista installed. I have been very careful about software that is
being installed and make sure it is Vista compatible.

Now my question; if I have created a Power Point program in Windows MS
Office 2003 and want to bring the created PP program into MS Windows Office
2007 will it work and be compatible with this new system?

I know any programs created in MS Windows Office 2007 will be fairly
incompatible when they are loaded into MS Office 2003.

Maybe some of those who have been wanting to do presentations using a newer
computer might like to know the answer to this question.

I have called Microsoft but I cannot find anyone who speaks good enough
English for me to understand and comprehend their reply.

I am sure everyone has had that experience and I will not dwell on that


Alvie L. Davidson CG

Lakeland, Florida


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