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Subject: Re: [APG] The Membership Game
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 18:43:47 EST


Have faith. IT is in the metropolitan area. Mine got to Laurel TODAY.

Very good on you, by the way.


In a message dated 1/22/2008 5:36:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

Let's all play that new board game, "Professional Genealogy." Draw a card:

"Your application for membership in APG is rejected. Roll the dice and go
back the requisite number of spaces."

"Dues have been increased again. Send in last month's income."

"Send APG copies of your last 5 income tax returns to verify your income
from genealogical clients."

"Your CG has expired and you are no longer eligible for APG. Your membership
has been canceled."

"Librarians and archivists do not receive the majority of their income from
genealogical research clients and are no longer eligible for membership. Go
back to START."

"There is no credential for genealogical writing or editing. Go directly to

"Resubmit your portfolio. You neglected to include client billing

"You have been elected to the board. Go back at least 5 spaces."

"Sorry. You've been Black-balled. Go back to START."

"Nope. The course in Colonial Weaving does not qualify for CE points. You
are on probation."

Just in cae someone didn't get the message, if you think things aren't what
they should be, wait until you start trying to create "membership classes"
and deciding who goes where ant at how much.

No APGQ here yet. And I'm not waiting to read Jones. I want to read about
ME! <g>

Richard P.
Fairfax, Virginia


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