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Subject: Re: [APG] APG Digest, Vol 3, Issue 49
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:13:05 EST

Jay Fonkert statement makes a lot of sense to me "...we should be talking
about the mission and services of APG. If we get the mission and services
right, the organization will appeal to the people who can benefit most from

I obtained my certification before I ever joined APG. I signed up for
membership in APG at a NGS conference when one of the volunteers said to me "most
people do it the other way around, they join APG first and then get their
certification from BCG"

I remember at the time that I had this dreadful feeling that I had done
something wrong in not joining APG. However, for the most part I don't take
clients. If APG were to focus solely on Setting up a business, tax issues etc.
it would cease to be an organization I gained much from. I read all the
articles, I want to know best methods and pitfalls, but it is for theory not
practice. Other aspects of being a Professional such as researching, writing,
and dealing with applicants in lineage societies (gratis) are where my main
focus is. I join the organizations that enhance my education in the field, or
impart a value to me.

If APG changes its focus, perhaps I won't derive benefit from membership.
That is neither good nor bad. I wouldn't joint the society of Professional Dog
Trainers either. (The cats would never stand for it) :)

Just a thought
Susan Bingler
Jeffersonton, VA

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