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From: "Kerry Sandberg Scott" <>
Subject: [APG] Membership level discussion
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 13:05:40 -0500

I am curious as to what APG members see as the primary purpose of APG. In my real-life job as an HR executive, I belong to several HR-related organizations. Their primary goal is advocacy and education, for the profession and its professionals. You need money to advocate for the profession and to educate others. Dues produce revenue to acheive those goals. The more exclusive your group, the fewer dues checks you receive, and the less money you have to advocate and educate. So, generally speaking, the more dues-paying members, the better for the entire profession. I'm struggling to understand why having APG do anything to discourage anyone in any way from joining (and thus paying dues) would be a good thing. Is your status as an APG member something that you feel gives you credibility with clients and others? Would your other credentials (experience, degrees, certifications, etc.) be the things that deliniate which among you is a rock-star genealogist? As a consumer!
, it would never occur to me that membership in APG in and of itself would indicate that a genealogist does quality work. I'd want to know more about the person's specific education, experience, certifications before I hired them (just as I would in my real-life hiring role).

I'm also curious as to what, specifically, the harm has been in letting anyone with $60 join. Have there been actual incidents that have damaged the credibility of the profession or specific professionals as a result of having Joe Blow the clueless amateur join? Do we have any evidence that there ARE clueless amateurs joining? Or is this something we fear MIGHT happen someday? It seems unlikely to me that the clueless folks we all occasionally run into have actually shelled out dues and joined APG while simultaneously cut-and-pasting info from the internet into their databases (or other similar activities we'd all agree are undesirable).

Just trying to wrap my brain around what, specifically, is leading to a desire for change here.

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