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From: "Mary Louise Fitzpatrick" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] The Membership Game Plus Feedback
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 10:56:37 -0800
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On 23 Jan 2008 Peggy Baldwin wrote:

I don't think that it is accurate to make the statement that, " If
complaints to APG are minimal, I'd say the current system works." My own
experience would tell me that this is not true. I hired a person an APG
member to get a record from an archive . . . but it came with an
insufficient source citation.

It seems to me there would be simpler solutions to the problem presented
above, including before hiring a member, asking to have a sample of work
emailed to you so you could review it.

Is it possible this member (being human) just made a mistake? Did you get
back to him/her and gently point out what you saw as the insufficiency and
listen to the explanation. It could be a learning experience for both of
you. If we enact all these suggestions for various levels of membership in
APG, does it mean if one is at the most exalted level, one will never make a
mistake (i.e., one will exist in a perfect world?).

I don't mean to sound belittling of some of the suggestions that have been
made. It appears a great deal of thought and even agony has gone into them.
However, I think simple solutions should always be tried first and - from my
very small perspective - it does seem like APG will be shooting itself - and
its future - in the foot by following some of the suggestions made. A great
deal of the commentary has centered around being able to identify the
quality of a member's work. There are other organizations that already do a
wonderful job in accomplishing this in a formal fashion. When looking to
assess the quality of an APG member's work, as mentioned above, why not just
ask for a sample, review it, make your own decision - problem solved. APG
could even post on its website the recommendation to those seeking to hire a
professional - get samples of work from all those you are considering
hiring, review the samples, make your decision. While this wouldn't address
every last research situation, it would certainly give the majority of
potential clients a better idea of the quality of the work they would be

Mary Louise Fitzpatrick
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

On Jan 24, 2008 7:52 AM, <> wrote:

> I'm not suggesting a feedback system. I'm suggesting that if we had
> different levels of membership that acknowledge a more professional attitude
> -- about education, involvement in the field, etc. that we might have a
> better chance of finding our colleagues who will do the best work.
> Certification takes many, many hours of work -- I know because I'm in the
> middle of it. I'll get there one of these years, but in the meantime it
> would be good to have some method of differentiating between the people who
> are working at a professional level and those who aren't. The APG standards
> would indicate members should be, but as my previous experience has shown,
> that isn't always the case.
> Peggy
> -----------------------------
> Peggy Baldwin MLS
> Family Passages LLC
> www.family-passages.com
> Bonnie responds:
> A feedback system - positive, negative, neutral comments - on the
> performance of a member would be a helpful tool; however, I think it would
> be expensive to set up and maintain, and there could be legal
> ramifications,
> since negative feedback could affect a member's livelihood.
> Bonnie Dunphy Kohler
> Member, APG, South Florida
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