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From: "Gladys Friedman Paulin" <>
Subject: [APG] APGQ-Jones article
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 15:23:23 -0500

After reading all the posts on membership levels, have went back and re-read
the APGQ article. I believe the discussion to date is putting the cart
before the horse.

How can we decide on membership levels without first reviewing our current
requirements and objectives and developing a vision of what makes one a
professional, or a genealogist working at professional levels. I agree that
the current situation is way too fuzzy.

I also re-read the Code of Ethics, and decided it is out of date and not
well organized. I do not know when it was written but other more
comprehensive codes and standards have been developed for genealogy by other
organizations, particularly BCG and NGS.

The APG code includes both goals and practices in no cohesive order. There
are no definitions or guidelines for "promote". Does it mean we each should
go out and make speeches, organize others to do things, write articles, or
what? What is a well organized manner of presenting research reports? How
does one support initiatives that preserve public records? By petitions? By
rallies? By writing legislators? Do we have any guidelines for doing so?
Does the board or executive office notify members when there are issues to

How does one promote the welfare of the genealogical community? Or the trust
and security of genealogical consumers? Have any guidelines been
established? Should we be proactive, or wait until a situation occurs?
There are probably many different opinions among our members as to what
these items mean.

As for code numbers two and four, has APG established standards to for all
the activities cited? Or does APG require members to adhere to those
standards established elsewhere in the genealogical community-by BCG, NGS,
or whom?

Does the APG Policy manual provide clear instructions for chapters on how to
apply policies and standards at the local level; or how the chapters can
contribute to members complying with code numbers 3,5, and 7? Who has access
to this policy manual?

Among the objectives listed on the APG Web site are:
.To promote international awareness of, and interest in, professional
genealogical services,
.To promote professional standards in genealogical research, writing
and speaking,

These are admirable, but I do not know what APG has done specifically in
these two areas beyond having a booth at national conferences for the first
one; available, of course, to those already interested and those who can
afford to attend a conference. As for the second, the APGQ has published
many excellent articles but I do not recall ever seeing a statement as to
whether such articles represent the standards of APG or whether they are
just the opinion of the author.

I think a lot more work has to be done to determine the future goals and
standards of the organization before one can even begin to define levels of


Gladys Friedman Paulin, CG
Winter Springs, FL
Editor _OnBoard, the Newsletter of the Board for Certification of
Genealogists_ (BCG)
Member , Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)
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