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Subject: Re: [APG] Jones APGQ Article
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:59:44 EST

Connie Sheets asks:

>What it is that APG as an organization is or is not
>doing that does not serve your needs?

>From my perspective, APG is focused almost entrirely on direct services to
members and prospective members, and it does this relatively well through
means like APGQ, the web site, the Professional Mmanagement Conferences, and
this list.

What it is not doing, because it would take a considerably larger budget to
do so effectively, is reaching out to the general public to create an
awarenes of and more positive attitude toward, our profession. What APG is doing in
this area is taking advantage of opportunities, rather than going out and
creating opportunities for more accurate and more positive coverage in the media.

>How exactly am I harming your organization?

Far from harming the organization, you are helping it to the tune of $65 per
year, and whatever volunteer effort you're able to give. But you would be
helping four times as much, and enabling the association to expand its focus,
if you were williang and able to pay $260 in dues.

>Do I, and others like me, actually have that much
>power and influence over the workings of the
>organization? (If I do, it comes as a great surprise
>to me).

For any changes in policy or direction that requires a vote of the
membership, you will have one vote, like each of the rest of us. For changes that the
board can implement on its own, I am quite confident that our APG leadership
will try to stay closely attuned to the opinions and desires of a majority of
the members, while providing leadership in advancing the interests of our
profession as a whole.

Far from being a matter of controversy, there has been widespread agreement
that the issues identified in the Jones article need to be considered,
discussed, and addressed in order to serve the best interests of our profession and
its professional organization. Presentation of differing or even
controversia viewpoints in a foum like this will help give our officers and board
members a better sense of which initiatives will enjoy substantial support from the

We are all in this together, however much we may be seeing things from
widely varyng points of view under the broad umbrella where we come together. Our
individual needs and aspirations are important, but the advancemment of
genealogy as a profession and learned discipine should take precedence.

Donn Devine, CG, CGL
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

CG, Certified Genealogist, CGL, and Certified Genealogical Lecturer are
service marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, used under license
by board certificants after periodic evaluation, and the board name is
registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.

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