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From: philip thorne <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Fw: GPS Evidence Analysis
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:15:59 -0500
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Since we are talking about standards etc., and presenting information
correctly even when there is conflicting information how do you write
up the following.

My grandfather has one date for his birth and another for his wedding
certificate. I was joking with my cousin that he lied lowering the
date of his birth because he was 23 years old than my grandmother.
I thought perhaps there was an error by the person entering the info
but nothing matches up even when offsetting the dates to try and find
a match. I know that I have the right person because his father is
listed on the marriage certificate.

What would be the proper BCG way to present the findings? I have no
way of resolving the conflicting evidence, so I can't have a credible
conclusion or does it really mater? There are no census records for
the island of Carriacou to check against (they were destroyed after
the abstract was completed) and I have not found a death certificate
and my only surviving uncle has Alzheimer's and can't tell me
anything and I haven't been able to visit Carriacou to look for a
tombstone and that is assuming that one exists and that I'd be able
to find it.


Philip Thorne

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