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Subject: [APG] Fw: Re; FTM and natural
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 00:13:10 -0600

Bob wrote:
> At the same time, we both know that _my_ meager research and
> composition skills would not hold up to your professional
> scrutiny.

No gung-ho TMG users would be willing to supply their research for the test?
Or enter the NGS annual family history writing contest to prove TMG's
capability? I'd even step aside as one of the judges next year, and leave
the judgment in the hands of the other judges--none of whom know who
submitted the manuscripts anyway.

>More to the point, I've never claimed that they would. So
> tests such as you've suggested would be a distraction from the real
> issues at hand.

Oh? A real-time demonstration of what TMG can do, and how to do it, would be
a distraction from the real issues at hand? The real issue *is* entering our
findings on a real-time family, piece by piece--not just a mock-up of an
already written narrative.

Terry has just offered an interesting example of how to write part of a bio
(thank you, Terry); although, without the mechanics behind it, others cannot
see--and learn from--how he input his data, created the sentences that "wrap
around data" as opposed to passages written in note fields, and otherwise
organized the data fields to create his "flowing narrative." That kind of
demonstration is badly needed--not just for part of an individual bio, but
for a whole family unit--to help many of your own users as well as our
colleagues on this list.

> The way to definitively test the assertions, then,
> is for me to reproduce a narrative that was published in the NGSQ
> during your tenure as editor. I can't do that without a waiver to
> the copyright, however. I've said that I will select a published
> narrative and if you will help me to secure such rights to it, then
> I'll stake a donation of $10,000 to your favorite charity against our
> right to use your testimonial in our advertisements. That offer has
>gathering dust since 2004.

Actually, the NGSQ challenge was my counter offer to your original proposal,
which would have had me doing all the work to prove that you were right, in
exchange for which you would make a tax-deductible contribution to a worthy
cause--while I would have no spare time left for a few other worthy causes
I'd like to personally help. :)

Ergo, my counter proposal on APG-L, which--when repeated the second time and
you said you needed permission for an article--included the offer to let you
use my Mariotte article from NGSQ. No copyright worries at all. If I recall
correctly, the article had just come out. September 2006. That means we've
gone a whole year and a half without debating this again :). Mariotte's
still there, ready and waiting. I'll even supply you with a digital file of
the text. But you have to post your resulting TMG file, so that others can
study the mechanics of how you did it. That way, it's not a pointless
See-I-told-you-so exercise on whatever side. Instead, others can learn from
your skill at massaging words and structures within TMG.

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
APG Member, Tennessee

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