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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Sources Used by Professional Genealogists
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 22:12:24 -0500
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Christine Sweet-Hart <> wrote in response
to Phil's comment regarding the use of the Internet by professional

>I did not receive the original post that is clipped out below, but my
> immediate thought is that most people cannot afford Ancestry's prices and
> in
> some cases it may be cheaper to hire someone to do the research for them.

The above caught my eye. The U.S. "deluxe" membership is available ror as
little as $99 if you watch for specials (that's what I paid last year; the
regular about $155).

That's about 3 hours of a professional's time. I would say that "most
people" CAN afford Ancestryt. As a matter of fact, for many they can't
afford to be without it.

Some examples of why this is so:

In the "old days," if I wanted to do census work, I had to drive to
Washington and spend $15 to park (much more today). I can take 10 trips town
and get limited work done - or I can sit at home and do census work every
day for less than the cost of one trip to town each month.

Or suppose I am searching for someone and I have to send away for a dozen
death certificates before finding the right one. In some cames I can save
the cost of 11 of those death certificates by finding out on line which one
I actually need. I save engough in that one search to pay for a

Or suppose you need pension files. They're not cheap if you order them from
NARA - Ancestry has the images on line.

I am not an employee or a stckhoulder of Ancestry.com, but I sincerely
believe that for even the occasional researcher an Ancestry subscription can
actually save you money.

The real problem is not the cost of services such as Ancestry but the fact
that most people simply have failed to learn how to use them effectively.

Richard P.
Fairfax, Virginia

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