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From: "Elizabeth Shown Mills" <>
Subject: [APG] WASP (was APG Digest, Vol 3, Issue 289)
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 12:21:11 -0500
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Susan wrote:
>I would like to comment on the only politically correct ethnic slur, WASP.

Being a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant I find the term offensive. Would any
you call an Italian a WOP, an Irish catholic a Harp or a Jewish woman a
Of course not! The term WASP was first used as a term by Edward Digby
t=title&cad=author-navigational&hl=en) and it was not used in a favorable
way. Have any of you ever heard it used in a positive way? Now you have
my view and thanks for letting me vent.


Growing up white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant in a community in which that
was the dominant culture (the Mississippi Delta), and having spent my life
in several of the Deep South states where that was also the dominant
culture, I have considered that acronym to be merely a short way of
describing a group that is essentially white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant.

Aside from African-Americans, our other significant population groups in the
Mississippi Delta have long been Italians, Chinese, and Jews. For all of
these, of course, there are ethnic slurs that polite people did/do not
use---in private, as well as "polite company." But, in our region, the
"ethnic slur" for our cultural group was (and is) "redneck" -- which
certainly is used by the public and the media far more widely than "WASP."


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
APG member, Tennessee

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