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From: "Ray E. Timmons" <>
Subject: [APG] Vista - Ram
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 11:04:32 -0400
References: <mailman.71.1209884430.9022.apg@rootsweb.com>

>I have heard that Vista loves Ram and while they say it will run ok on one
>or two Gigs of Ram the computer I bought has 3 Gigs of Ram and is
>to 4 should I need to do that.

Problem is that although Vista would run better with 4 Gigs of Ram, it can
only use a little over 3 Gigs! The Operating System uses almost a Gig of
address space and 32 bits can only address a maximum of 4 Gig. So if you
have 3 Gig Ram that leaves 1 Gig for hardware addresses. If you have 4 Gig
Ram, the OS can only use around 3 Gig.

The 64 bit version of Vista with 64 bit hardware does not have this problem.
But then almost none of your software is 32-bit and has to be run in 32-bit


>I'm a bit embarrassed to say it even took me a bit to find where they hid
>the SHUT DOWN option to turn off the computer. <g> Once you learn these
>they soon become familiar.

The biggest difference between various Microsoft versions is they hide things
in different places.


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