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Subject: Re: [APG] Charlemagne
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 11:17:28 -0400
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Allow me the opportunity to rephrase.

As a person of European origins there is statiscial "certainty" that you
descend from Charlemagne either through one of his children or one of the
numerous illigetimate children wandering around his household.

As a genealogist your task is to determine exactly how that relationship
exists. It is not the purpose of statistical analysis to determine the exact
relationship that you have to Charlemagne, but to express the probability
that such a relationship exists.

I have seen several articles over the years (which I of course can not put
my hands on) which describe the impact of pedigree collapse.

I assume that the number of generations between Charlemagne and I to be a
round 50 /- 2 generations. I have not counted. Nor have I proven the seven
different ways that I connect through the illegitimate children. I am not
much of a medeavilist, except as it relates to my one proven line to Henry
II, which does not connect to Charlemagne.

So 2 to the 50th power is this big number. Do the math.

Combine that with the concept that royalty has a better go of it than us
poor common folk. If there is a problem with this caveat then I want to be
the prince and you can be the serf. My personal experience is that if you
are able to get far enough back you in your research you relate to royalty.


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