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From: Mimi Reed <>
Subject: [APG] NGS Conference Advice
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 12:51:39 -0400

Dear Lorrie,

Lucky you! I wish I could be there, too, but not this year.
I have attended three NGS conferences; 1997 in Philadelphia, 1999 at
Richmond and in 2003 in Pittsburgh. I loved them all and wish I could attend
every year.

In 1997 I was a rank beginner and didn't know what to take so I took
nothing but a tablet, pens and a tote. Guess what? More than enough. I have
watched people at conferences pulling their little wheeled things full of
laptops, records, etc and I have felt sorry for them. Too much to worry
about. It gets them all bogged down, worrying about their stuff.

I always sit in the front of the hall, sometimes the audio visual tech is
not up to par and if you are in the front it won't matter. Get there early
to get these seats.(Look for room location well BEFORE time on the map of
the hall and plan your route from one location to the other.) The people who
sit in the front also tend not to fall asleep as easily as those in the
back. (I have never been able to understand how anyone can pay all that
money to attend and then sleep through those interesting lectures, but it

Do not take your genealogy with you. In my experience, after a full day of
lectures you will be way to tired to get into your own stuff. Wait until you
get home and your head has cleared.

Listen to the lectures, don't worry about notes. The syllabus you will be
given has the outlines of all the presentations and if one of these lectures
really hits home you can buy the tape and have it to listen to time and time
again. I have done this a lot. I also watch people try to take notes with
their laptops and I think they don't hear much of the lecture. IMHO

Do not take much clothing, leave room in your suitcase for the tons of stuff
you will buy at the Vendors' Hall. Wear comfortable casual clothing. It
appears that most genealogists, and I include myself here, do not attach a
lot of significance to sartorial elegance. No one will remember what you
were wearing Tuesday when you wear the same thing on Thursday, or Wednesday
and Saturday for that matter.

Have a great time.

Best wishes,
Mimi Reed
State College, PA

> The
> Kansas City conference is my first genealogical conference and would
> like to know what tools to bring, what comfortable clothes would be
> appropriate for daily wear, how fast the classrooms fill up, and similar
> information. Any other tips would be appreciated.

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