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From: Dee Dee King <>
Subject: Re: [APG] veromi.net
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 12:17:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Veromi.net is one of a growing number of online services that collects data bases and creates new merged databases with search engines. This isn't much different from what Ancestry.com does with genealogical data bases. Veromi, Intellius, Zabasearch, PeopleFinder, et al collect data from public records - filings with Secretary's of State, public utilities, telephone books, court filings, property tax records, etc. to create mega data bases.

The "possible relatives" or "associated" names can come from a number of sources. One example is from an apartment complex in which my daughters lived for awhile after moving out on their own. Since one of their utilities was in my husband's name, it appears every person with the last name "King" who ever lived at that address may now be a "possible relative" or "associated" name for my husband.

I have not seen any of these services that claim to have all current information about people. For the cost of membership or temporary access, deeper services are offered including background checks from harvested law enforcement or judicial records. But data bases do not cleanse themselves of outdated info.

The comments about outdated info overlook the point that these should be treated like any other collection of historical records. The same pitfalls exist as with all other genealogical sources we research - derivative not original cource, multiple people with same name, former addresses, former spouses, possible associates, possible current and former business endeavors. These data bases can be bonanzas of information if carefully mined and analyzed applying the same genealogical standard we use for other record sets.

We should be wary about some claims, like the services that "offer" access to "death records" at an additional charge. In most cases these "death records" are nothing more than the SSDI we can access for free from other online sources.

One quick 15 minute check of mine and hubby's names found all the locations where we'd lived in that last 25 years of our marriage, three businesses we were involved in, the names of our children and more. Scary stuff for those of us who worry about privacy issues. Heady stuff for those of us with the spilt personality of hunting clues to other people's lives.

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Dee Dee King, Certified Genealogist

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