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From: Jackie King <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Iowa Marriage Records
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 17:41:43 -0500
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Richard -

One thing I do is contact the Iowa State Health Department as a last
resort. I almost always go through the county recorder's office for the
county in which I am interested. There are several Iowa counties that do
not have early records, but most do and typically you will get precisely
what you want at the local level. They may be a bit slower at times, but
typically the information is much better.

I can't remember precisely when it was that the Iowa Department of
Health assumed the state wide authority for records (I need to check
that) but most county recorders have kept their own copies. There are a
couple of counties of which I am aware that the records are now housed
with either the county historical society or the county genealogy
society. I have been told, although I've not run into it personally that
there are a couple of Iowa counties which no longer have any copies of
the records that were copied to the state.

If we knew what county you are interested in we might be able to help
you a bit more. I also have to tell you that in some counties, the cost
for non-legal copies is very reasonable.

Jackie King,
Boone Co., IA

Richard A. Pence wrote:
> Color me confused.
> A couple of weeks ago I called an Iowa county registrar concerning a 1895
> marriage and the person answering verified that they did have the record. I
> forget the details about getting a copy, but the lady suggested I contact a
> local historical society which had volunteers who did look-ups and would
> make an informational copy. I contacted the group, sent a modest check and
> in a few days had the desired record.
> Today, I tried to call the registrar for another Iowa county to get a copy
> of a 1893 marriage record and the listed phone number took me to the Iowa
> Department of Public Health and the lady there informed me I could not get a
> copy of the record unless I was a descendant.
> The fact is that no one can claim to be a descendant of this marriage as
> there were no children (he was age 61 and I don't know how old she was). Nor
> can anyone claim to be a descendant of the husband in this marriage until
> the details in the record are known. However, if this is a record for the
> person I believe it to be, then I know several descendants.
> Now: The certificate I recently got from Iowa is marked "Not for Legal Use."
> This is what I want - an photocopy and not a certified copy. The
> instructions for ordering a record appear only for ordering a certified copy
> and this requires a notarized statement (I guess to certify relationship).
> I am afraid if I order the record through the state I will get the certified
> copy of the marriage record and this will NOT contain what I want - the form
> which will give ages, parents, number of previous marriages, etc.
> Can some Iowa researcher please provide advice?
> Richard P.
> Fairfax, Virginia
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