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From: "Pam Cooper" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Re FHC film backlog
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 08:57:28 -0400
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I just talked to them yesterday. It was suggested that the digitization
project is their priority and the focus on the microfilm lending program is
not. In the 12 years that I have been ordering from them, this is the first
time that I have had so many back orders that took more than 6 weeks. I am
now trying to cancel most of them since my patrons have gone back north.

IMO - I find it difficult to believe they have an increase in microfilm
orders especially with the increase of online resources.


Pamela J. Cooper
Genealogist / Lecturer / Librarian
FSGS Speakers Bureau
Genealogical Speaker's Guild

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From: [mailto:] On Behalf
Of Christy Fillerup
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 1:12 AM
Subject: Re: [APG] Re FHC film backlog

At the risk of sounding self serving I would like to remind you all that
there are several options for professionals in the Salt Lake City area who
can do research on films that are on back order if there is any urgency.

Christy Fillerup

Millenealogy Family History Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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From: Rebecca Christensen
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 10:27 PM
Subject: Re: [APG] Re FHC film backlog

The current delay problem is at the vault. I have called Salt Lake
several times in the past couple of months about several microfilms that
have been delayed in arriving at our FHC and if it is required to order a
new microfilm for circulation from the vault, then there is a long delay.
From my phone calls to Salt Lake, here is my understanding of the
process. When a microfilm is ordered at a FHC, if a copy is available on the
shelf in Salt Lake City then the microfilm generally arrives within a couple
of weeks after the order was submitted by the FHC. If the microfilm is not
on the shelf but a copy is expected to be returned through normal
circulation, then the microfilm will be sent out once it is returned by
another patron. If after about a month or so there still hasn't been a
copy of the microfilm returned by other patrons, an order for a new
circulation copy of the microfilm is sent to the vault. Unfortunately, the
vault is behind in processing orders for new copies of microfilms and I have
been told that once the order is received by the vault that the vault is
currently taking 2-3 months to process the orders for new microfilms. There
really isn't anyway to predict which microfilms will need to be ordered from
the vault, except the catalog
entries which specify "VAULT." We have had patrons order a series of
microfilms and most will come in quickly while one microfilm of the series
will need to be ordered from the vault.
I have been telling patrons when they order their films that the films
will arrive in either a couple of weeks or possibly 3-4 months.
I also suggest that a phone call by the FHC staff should be made about
any particular microfilm that has been delayed as on rare occasions the
orders do seem to get lost in cyberspace. A quick call by the FHC staff
can verify that the order has been received and the current status of the
film order - whether it is on backorder waiting for a microfilm to be
returned by another patron or whether it has been delayed at the vault.

Rebecca Christensen

wrote: I have been dealing with this problem for quite a
while now. I have three films I'm waiting for from January 22 in New York
and have had the same problem with films ordered in North Carolina. Since I
order about twelve films per month. It gets really difficult to do research.
This situation only really started last summer on a regular basis. I have
wondered what is going on in Salt Lake.This only became an ongoing problem
before last year. I asked the staff about it but they just say there are
others waiting too, Other staff members will get some action and can obtain
the film for me in two weeks. It just is puzzling to me.

June DeLalio, CG

CG - Certified Genealogist is the service mark of the Board for
Certification of Genealogists?, used under license by professionals who pass
periodic competency evaluations by the Board.


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