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From: Kimmitt Genealogical Research <>
Subject: [APG] Tricky Deed detail
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 09:42:42 -0400

In light of Elizabeth's recent question about peer review, etc., in
case there is any question, the "tricky deed" will *not* be used in my
certification submission. I mentioned certification because I was
trying to hint that I shouldn't spend too much time on the deed now
because is taking my attention away from my CG submission.

I originally was looking at it for a DAR application, to straighten
out dates of deaths of the three Israels, who all died within 15 years
of one another and who were inconsistently referred to as Capt, and
Esq. and Jr. When I say I need to get back to my certification work, I
mean something *other* than the Vinals.

To refresh memories--

Israel Vinal Jr. and Marcy Cushing had children
Israel III
Robert, died young

Israel Vinal Jr. died in 1794. Without another courthouse visit, I
can't be 100%, but I'm 90% sure he died intestate.

Israel Jr.'s daughter Marcy and her husband both died in 1797, leaving
one son, William Vinal Lincoln.

Israel Jr.'s son, Israel III, died in 1804, leaving a will for widow
Lydia and 3 daughters (Sally, Sophia and Lydia. Daughter Rebecca was
written out). Only two of these daughters are mentioned in the deed:
Sally by second wife Sally, & Sophia by first wife Rebecca. I don't
know what became of Israel III's daughter Lydia, aka Lydia 2nd.

Israel Jr.'s widow Marcy died in 1806.

The deed was executed in 1808.

Many genealogists still scratching heads in 2008.

Hope that helps! Thanks for all of your help.

Thanks for all the attention to this!

Polly Kimmitt

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