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From: Elizabeth Whitaker <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Descendant Chart Format
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 22:35:16 -0400
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In my experience with genealogy programs, you
can connect both parents to a child, but you
have to be sure that you have linked _both_
the parents,
not just one. (I haven't printed out a lot of
charts, but I have been using these programs
since 1994.)

It doesn't hurt to go back and double check,
such as by searching for particular
individuals for whom you know you have both
parents and checking to be sure you have
linked them to _both_ their parents.

Elizabeth Whitaker

Bill Bienia wrote:
> Cheryl,
> There are two models for displaying child descent relationships in box
> charts:
> 1) A double line is drawn between the descendant and the spouse(s) and the
> children are connected midway along this (these) line(s) with a single line.
> (Some programs use a single line between spouses as well.) If there are two
> spouses, one is drawn on either side of the descendant. These charts can
> become confusing when there are more than two spouses.
> 2) The spouse is connected to the descendant with a single line and the
> children are connected to the spouse with a single line. (Some programs use
> a dotted line between spouses in this arrangement.) When a descendant has
> several spouses, having the children connected to the spouse of the
> descendant clearly associates the children with the respective spouse (and
> the same convention serves for one as well as for two or more spouses.)
> In either case the descendant may be male or female.
> Does this help?
> Bill
> Bill Bienia, PLCGS
> www.CobblestoneLegacies.com

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