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Subject: Re: [APG] 1700's naming of children
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 20:41:11 -0500
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> I am currently working a line where all of the children of this
> particular couple have different family names, such as, John White
> Bower, Isaac Eben Bower (this particular one has the father's middle
> name not a surname) James Cuthbert Bower, William Steele Bower. I do
> know the Steele name was the mother's grandfather, the White name was
> the mother's maiden name, I am not sure about the Cuthbert name. I do
> know in the Cuthbert genealogy, there is also reference to Williamson
> being used as a middle name for some children. The Cuthberts were
> barons from Scotland. I have not determined where William White came
> from but he was an Indian trader in South Carolina. Isaac Bower's
> father was a sculptor in Providence, RI, came from Holland. These
> families seemed to have had this naming going on in several different
> lines. Some other surnames were Heyward, Barnewell, Williamson, Hext,
> and others.

Linda --

This story made me think of one couple I'm related to (19th century Indiana).
The oldest son was named for the wife's father, and the second son was named
for the guy to whom the husband had been apprenticed to learn the trade of
tanner and currier, for most of a decade as a teenager. No assumptions!


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana

home office 219/324-2620

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