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From: Craig Kilby <>
Subject: Re: [APG] APG Digest, Vol 3, Issue 485
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 23:28:09 -0400
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Carolyn: I'm a St. Louis ex-patriot now living in St. Louis.
Depending on where your convention is held, the two "top" spots would
be the St. Louis (City) library downtown or the St. Louis (County)
Public Library in Frontenac (where the STLGS library is
headquartered, and I think also the NGS holdings are there now as
well.) The City library has a huge collection that would keep any
one from anywhere busy for a long time. The County library is (was)
more Missouri/St. Louis oriented, but with the NGS moving all of
their stuff there that has probably changed drastically.

Then there is the Missouri Historical Society which is about half way
in between the two on Skinker Blvd. All 3 are just a short distance
from I-64 if you are driving. This is very St. Louis history and
genealogy oriented research facility--but is first class, located in
a former synagogue.

Good luck!

Craig Kilby

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> From: Carolyn Ybarra <>
> Subject: [APG] St. Louis MO
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> I'm about to go to St. Louis later this week for a conference and
> vacation. Any suggestions for genealogy-related places to visit?
> Probably will not have time for research, but if so only a half day
> so only one place. Let me know the hot spots.
> Carolyn

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