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From: "Gail Nestor" <>
Subject: [APG] Publishing Sources on a Web Site
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:00:22 -0400

Hi APG List,

I would love to receive some advice from anyone on this list who fits
following description:

1) You use some form of computer-based genealogy software
2) You publish some/all of your genealogy on your own web site
3) You publish your sources on this web site as well


4) Your software enables you to create source citations in the formats
outlined in _Evidence Explained_ and have them exported via gedcom to the
web site in that same format.

This last one is the kicker! Are there any genealogists on this list who
publish to the web and can boast EE-style citations? If so, please, please
contact me and/or show me your site!

I happen to use Legacy v7 for my main database and I greatly enjoy their new
sourcewriter tool. (Elizabeth, I think you would be proud of how many
people are now thinking more critically about their sources because of this
new tool. They also seem to be flocking to buy their own copy of EE!) I
also publish my genealogy, sources included, to my own web site using TNG
(The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding). Here's the site if you are
interested: http://www.roots2buds.net/.

My huge problem is that, while Legacy's sourcewriter creates beautiful
citations on the screen and on paper reports, the gedcom output does
not translate nicely to the web site. This is very disappointing to me!
Does TMG or any other genealogy software offer the ability to create an
EE-style citation that can be published to the web in the same format?

I have worked for years now in trying to create source citations that are
accurate, well-formatted, and able to be displayed on the web. These almost
seem to be mutually exclusive goals to me at this point. Any advice would
be greatly appreciated.

Gail Rich Nestor
Smyrna, Georgia

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