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From: "Gail Nestor" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Publishing Sources on a Web Site
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:05:08 -0400
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Ray, you're right that I'm probably asking more than I understand. I
am only looking at one census template and I'll bet that each one has
different gedcom data implications. TNG uses php to create the
dynamic web pages, and that's about all I know. I stare at the code
and figure out how to make minor changes myself, but this was too much
for me.

I have asked for some help from Bret, the guy that Patti mentioned who
uses Legacy and TNG, so I will see if he might be interested in taking
his hacks a step further. I'll report back to this list if we make
any progress. One day I hope to show off my web site with all sources
looking their best!!!

Gail Rich Nestor
Smyrna, Georgia

Ray wrote:
> In a sense, you're asking two different questions. Gedcom output is text, with embedded codes to identify specific portions. This makes it relatively easy to use those codes to locate the 'segments', and manipulating text is easy enough. The worst part of the job is simply spending the enormous amount of time required to figure out all the possible codes / combinations / ramifications to be sure it will work smoothly.
> The second question is: does anyone know the specific programming language to make this work with TNG? What language is the existing code written in? (Also, this introduces other complications, since you have to produce code that won't in any way _conflict_ with that existing code.)
> I don't know any programming languages (yet - working on learning Ruby): to date, everything I've wanted to do I've accomplished by way of macros (sometimes called by other names) or batch files. What you want to do is beyond an ordinary batch file, but relatively simple for any of the macro languages I'm familiar with. Still, smoothing out all the wrinkles considering the possible variations might take a month, or a little more. What I do know of programming tells me writing code to mesh with TNG's code would require significantly more time to clear out all the bugs. That's assuming you find someone who knows the applicable language.
> In other words, finding anyone with the time to do it at all aren't great. Finding someone to do it a specific way makes those odds much worse.
> Ray Beere Johnson II

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