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From: Beth Davies <>
Subject: [APG] Scanning Letters
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 21:01:05 -0600

As of yesterday, I have in my possession temporarily a number of letters
written by my 3rd great-grandfather and other members of his family. I
would like to scan the letters before returning them to the distant
cousin who so graciously sent them clear across the country so I could
see them after receiving the history I wrote on this common ancestor.
Could those of you who are better at this than me suggest the best kind
of image to save them as. The one I have experimented with was saved
as a bitmap image, but would a .jpg image be better?

The letters arrived in plastic sleeves and my intention is to scan them
through the sleeve unless they have been folded and are longer than the
size of the sleeve. Will this affect the quality of the scan?

Thanks for any suggestions. I'm thinking this has been discussed
before. If so, could some one refer me to the name of the topic so I
can find it in the archives.
Beth Davies AG ®

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