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From: "Nancy" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Mundane question
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 17:33:34 -0400
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Actually, the churches which I'm referring to are all in the eastern NY area
(ie: Dutchess, Columbia, Ulster, Albany counties).
For example,
Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia co., NY
Reformed Dutch Church, Claverack, Columbia co., NY
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Flatbush, NY

When I get a reference to a reformed or lutheran church, I try to find the
specific church on the internet to see how it is referred to, but I have
seen times where the names were different on the website. I've also run into
those that merged. In that case, it seemed like a real headache to pinpoint
what the exact name of the church was where "my people" were baptised.

Yes, I understand that Wikipedia info is dependent upon the contributor. The
links that were provided I felt were more trustworthy as they provided
access to the organization's website. To be honest, I know little about any
of these denominations as I'm buddhist. My ignorance embarrasses me. I felt,
at the time, that Wikipedia would at least be the begining of the process.

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From: "Kathleen McLaughlin" <>

> Nancy, depending on the location and era of your research, "Dutch" may
> also mean "German". In the Mohawk Valley of New York State. In the
> Mohawk Valley, there are frequently both Dutch Reformed and Lutheran
> Churches. they had, and in some cases, still have, circuit riders to
> cover the churches. Often there was a shortage of ministers to ride the
> circuit and any given family may have had some of their children
> baptized in the Lutheran church and others in the Dutch Reformed
> Church.
> And sometimes there were two churches within a very short distance
> apart. One example is the small community of Stone Arabia. The Lutheran
> Trinity Church of Stone Arabia and the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone
> Arabia in Montgomery County New York are within a few hundred feet of
> one another. They are so close together that you can get a photo of
> both on the same snapshout with a simple camera.
> Most of the church records for the old Mohawk Valley Churches have been
> published. If someone is researching families in that neck of the
> woods, I would recommend that they check both sets of church records,
> especially if researching between the dates 1709 and 1800.
> Also, look the word, "Dutch", up in a dictionary. "Dutch" is an archaic
> for "German".

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