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Subject: Re: [APG] Is Evidence (1997) still correct?
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 13:21:24 -0500
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Judy wrote:
I have been helping someone with some fairly simple citations using the
examples in Evidence. Will I still be correct or does EE hve recommendations
(rules, guidelines) that supersede those in the earlier work? The citations
in question are simple straightforward ones (so far).

Judy, there's no reason why anyone using citation formats from the original
Evidence can't keep right on using them--or anyone new to the field who
would prefer a 124-page manual to an 885-page one.

EE goes into a lot more detail; and great effort has been made to
standardize a lot of citations in cases where, without real rhyme or reason,
tradition has always handled "this" type of citation one way and "that" type
of citation another way. EE and the QuickSheet also cover a lot of online
citations not covered in the little Evidence! But there is no conflict in
principles (things that matter, such as content and clarity). The only
differences lie in preferences (things that don't really matter, like
whether the person of interest is cited first in a census citation or later
in the citation when we identify the household).


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