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From: Ray Beere Johnson II <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Another thought on genealogyfreelancers
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:29:39 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <DB2740810DF84187B967E795F29E171D@AmyComputer>

--- On Wed, 9/17/08, dunna <> wrote:
> I do hope your business is successful for those who chose
> to join in.

Despite your "well-wishes", some of the remainder of your message (which I chose _not_ to quote for reasons which will become obvious in a minute) could not have been better designed to harm that business if you had hired an SEO expert to write it for you. Despite what the owner already pointed out, and _specifically_ asked listers to avoid, you used a negative keyword _three_ times, linked in the text to the name of the business.
If this was truly done in ignorance, I believe it has been mentioned before that the original poster can delete posts from the archives - I urge you to do so. If I were to type your name (note I am _not_ doing so) in this message, and to pepper it with derogatory words, as soon as the search engine "spiders" (or bots) indexed it, the chances your name would turn up as a result for such a negative term would increase. (Think "miserable failure" and "George W. Bush" - I am not talking politics, I am talking about the fact Google returned a site featuring George W. Bush as the number one result when searching for "miserable failure" for quite some time - and it was the result of Internet postings such as yours, coupled with other SEO (search engine optimisation) tricks.
I have been working on the fringes of "Web 2.0" (the most advanced segment of the Web - the "cutting edge", if you prefer - the service I work for was even dubbed "Web 3.0" by one reviewer :-), and I was very impressed with the site. It needs to develop, certainly, and better feedback, in the form of social features, need to be built in for clients, but every site has to start somewhere. It is a well-designed, well-thought out site that can work well for clients and researchers. It is _far_ more likely assure quality results for clients than _any_ existing method, assuming they follow the route they're on now. It is also likely to become the "go to" site for potential clients - precisely because it does, and can, protect their interests in a far more direct and active way than APG has any means of doing. I hope they succeed. It follows by far the best, and the fairest, model for freelance pros of _all_ types (the model can be adapted for other
professions, obviously) - _and_ for their clients.

Ray Beere Johnson II

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