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Subject: Re: [APG] West Virginia--a "Gretna Green"? ** LIST **
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:23:24 -0500
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After "Ike" came roaring through, I just got my power back on about 15
minutes ago ---434 messages to go though.

I still have the Gretna Green list on my computer from a few months ago when
I compiled it. Still needs lots of tweaking
when I get around to it. Anyone who did not receive it when first offered
may certainly have it now --- well within a
day or two.

***** Please do not request it over this list ***** ... instead send the
request directly to me at

Trevia Wooster Beverly
Houston, Texas

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Subject: [APG] West Virginia--a "Gretna Green"?

> At one of her talks at FGS, Christine Rose talked about
> ignoring political boundaries when looking for records about ancestors,
> and mentioned "Gretna Greens," places where people went to be married,
> usually in secret or eloping because they could get married quicker
> there than in their own state. . I have a strange situation for the
> marriage of one of Jim's ancestors' sister, who lived in East
> Liverpool, Ohio, but was married in Wheeling, West Virginia. East
> Liverpool is more or less at a place where the boundaries of Ohio, WV,
> and PA come together (the little spike at the northwestern border of
> VA). But I suspect that Maude may have gone there to be married without
> her parents knowing (I'm going to be hiring a researcher soon to look
> for a divorce or annulment based on some clues I have). So, was West
> Virginia a place where marriage requirements would be less strict than
> in Ohio or PA in 1888?
> Thanks!
> Christine
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> Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
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> Author of _Long-Distance Genealogy_
> Betterway, 2000
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