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From: "Jennifer Schofield" <>
Subject: [APG] Incorrect Online Information
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 06:37:14 -0500


I combine online research with traditional(?) research in finding out my
family history/genealogy. I don't add anything to my main information
without seeing the sources. I'm always coming across people's
websites/trees with information that I know is incorrect, because I have the
census records, death certificates, etc. to prove otherwise. How do I
politely tell them what they have is incorrect without offending them? Or
should I point it out at all? I think I should because I know if I had some
wrong information I would be glad for someone to let me know.

I also wanted to ask what computer programs professional genealogists like
to use. I started with Family Tree Maker, but it wouldn't do what I wanted.
About a year ago, a friend told me about "The Master Genealogist" program.
It's complicated, but I think it's a more serious program.

Thank you,

Jennifer Schofield

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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