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From: "Charles S. Mason, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Incorrect Online & printed Information
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 10:26:10 -0400
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I have two suggestions that may help you and others in getting corrected
information out to other researchers. Have you found enough information
that needs to be corrected that you could have a small book published. You
could title it to indicate that these are corrections to the 7 volumes. The
other alternative is to find a local historical or genealogical society that
would publish the corrected information in their newsletter or journal.
This would get your corrected information out there. Anyone who does a
through search for published information should then find the corrections
you and other have done.

I have found published information on some of my families and have run into
the same problems you have had. The worst one is on the LDS's ancestral
file. If you believe the marriage information for two of my third great
grandparents, she had her first child when she was six years old. I know I
have correct information.

Chuck Mason

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Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: [APG] Incorrect Online & printed Information

My personal pet peeve in this area is a person who¹s doing genealogy in the
same locale as I am in PA. She has about 50,000+ in her database on
Ancestry. I had emailed her about my direct line and her inaccuracies but
she said I was wrong. I asked if she would like to see my sources so we
could clear up the discrepancies, but she refused. So now if I see anyone on
the message boards that reference her site, I *gently* warn them to be
cautious of her site. Basically if she sees a William Rex born 1850 and one
born 1849, both in the same county, Well!, they must be the same! And it
gets worse from there. Just to note, in my personal file, I have over 50
William Rexs...

But another bane that I have is incorrect printed information. There is a
series of 7 volumes that trace the history of Carbon County, PA. The author,
who recently passed away, has been working on this information for many many
years and it¹s a great collection but NOT totally accurate. While he did
much work on the local history, he did not do enough research to print the
family bios that he did. I know of at least 3 researchers other than myself,
who tried to contact him about his mistakes to get him to print a correction
section in the next book (each volume came out in separate years). He
refused, said this is what I have and that¹s enough. So, this is another
collection that if I see anyone make reference to I urge them to use as a
guide only and get more sources. Which is true in all regards.


Michelle LeClair
Creative Director
My Graphics Co., Inc.
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Chatham, NY 12037
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