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Subject: Re: [APG] incorrect Information
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 12:32:15 EDT


Whether or not you can remove or edit uploaded trees at Ancestry or
elsewhere depends upon WHERE and WHEN at Ancestry they have been placed. Regardless,
the situation is no different (actually not as bad) as incorrect information
found in hard copies of books. The Internet holds no monopoly on incorrect

As always, when it comes to Internet information, posting your correct tree
beside the incorrect one is the BEST way to let future researchers find the
information and decide for themselves which to accept.

I can cite one example of an ancestor of mine who was thought to be a cousin
of William PENN based upon letter between the two men with the salutation
"cousin." In the 1920s when these letters came to light, the exact relationship
and connection between my ancestor and the PENN family was not known. So, a
genealogist did some sketchy research and wrote an article speculating on the
possible source of the "cousin" relationship. The article was incorrect.

In 1929 the same publication included a subsequent article correcting the
previous one--and even showing images of the marriage record for the couple
that brought the PENNs and my line together -- creating the actual cousin
relationship between my ancestor and William PENN.

Today, on WorldConnect and Ancestry you will find quite a few family trees
listing Ann JASPER as the wife of my ancestor Capt. William CRISPIN (based on
the INcorrect article) and about an equal number of trees including my own
showing Rebecca BRADSHAW as his wife (based upon the corrected 1929 article).

This just goes to show that once incorrect data is placed in print it is
even harder to eradicate (impossible I'd say) then information on the Internet
which can actually for the most part be removed and edited quickly. On
RootsWeb user notes can be added with corrections. With books and magazines -- this
isn't possible. Once in print--always in print.


In a message dated 9/29/2008 11:28:44 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

Sadly, ancestry.com makes it easy to upload family trees that can then
be copied into other trees. It is not as easy to remove an uploaded
tree, so its not easy to 'fix' errors.

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