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From: "J.O.S. N." <>
Subject: [APG] Problems when your corrections are accepted
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 05:41:59 -0400

In the posts about problems with compilers of genealogies refusing to accept
or even consider corrections I add a caution based on my experience. A
distant cousin has an online web page for her family. We share 4th great
grandparents. When I learned about her web site I wrote her with some
corrections and some death dates. She added the death dates but did nothing
about the corrections. She added my name to the web site as the only source
other than herself and it now looks as though I could be responsible for the
serious misinformation.

(One involves her assertion that we are descended from a well known New
England family of the same name. This family has been well researched in all
male lines to a time well beyond the birth of our ancestor with no place for
him in the family tree. She could easily consult the printed book which is
recent and was well reviewed. In another case she has added a birth family
for our mutual 4th great grandmother. I talked to the man who originally
hypothesized this connection and he said that the two family's farms were
next to each other and that often relatives occupied adjoining farms. I
explained that I had researched the family on the adjoining farm as they
were another of my lines and that she was not connected. He appeared to
accept my research and thanked me. None the less ten years later this is on
the web site.)

I will be very careful in contacting people I do not know with corrections.

Judy Newman
Montgomery County MD

PS I talked to her on the phone and she said the the web site was to bring
the family together.

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