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Subject: [APG] West Chester PA Help
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 07:30:19 -0400

Dear Friends
I need to get copies of two obituaries from the city newspaper serving West
Chester, PA for two individuals who died in the 1970's and 1980's. I have
full names for both as well as the dates of death.
Just need to get obituaries to substantiate what might already be known.
If anyone can help, please contact me directly via email
Thank you
Alvie L. Davidson CG
Lakeland, FL

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From: Kathy Hinckley
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 17:30:09 -0600
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Subject: Re: [APG] article on compliance with vital registration laws

See page 630 in the Revised Source in my chapter on 20th century research.
In part, I say, "Statewide registration of birth and death records was
required by law in the early 1900s for most states. When a state reached
ninety-percent registration of births or deaths, it was required to enter
the National Registration Area. A study of the time gap between these two
events indicated that an average of 21.9 years elapsed afterr a law was
passed before ninety percent or more of a state's population was included in
the records. This gap may explain why a birth or death record cannot be
located in an area or time period in which the law required registration of
birth or death."

I then provide an endnote for the source of that information to Elizabeth L.
Nichols, "Statewide Civil Vital Registration in the United States," The
Genealogical Helper 34 (May-June 1980): 6-14. This article includes a
detailed summary of each state's vital records laws, as well as comments
noting special indexes."

Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG
Certified Genealogist & Private Investigator
Family Detective, LLC
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Westminster, CO 80035-0877
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Subject: [APG] article on compliance with vital registration laws

Assuming that my recollections here are all reasonably correct: about 20 or
so years ago, a Salt Lake City-based genealogist made a study of the extent
to which the various states fell into compliance with their vital
registration laws--a study that showed it was well into the 1920s, 1930s,
and even 1940s before most states had fairly complete compliance in the area
of birth registration.

In prep for a looming court case in which this is now an issue, I have raked
my brain all afternoon trying to remember who wrote the article and where it
appeared. Do any of you recall it? Can you (optimistically thinking, here),
point me to an online copy? (Our field sure needs a lot more of these



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