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From: Janis L Gilmore <>
Subject: Re: [APG] APG Digest, Vol 3, Issue 648
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 09:46:19 -0500
In-Reply-To: <B4D129E4-AC60-4A40-894E-04BAE1E1CA71@clairebettag.com>

I could not agree with Claire more.

I am just back from Howell County, Missouri, where my father and I did some
research together. My mother called my cell phone one day and said, "Where
are you?" I said, "In the attic of the courthouse." She said, "Where is your
father?" "In the basement."

By the way, access to the attic (otherwise known as the repository of the
probate records) is almost like entering Narnia through the back of the
wardrobe. A door that looks like a closet, up some steep stairs, careful not
to disturb the insulation hanging out of the walls, squeeze past the
landing, and straight to the back, where book B is next to book W, and so

Janis Walker Gilmore

On 10/24/08 8:16 PM, "Claire Bettag" <> wrote:

> For me, those "good old days" are not in the past. I still prefer a
> day in bayou-side courthouses to a day clicking away on Internet
> sites. I even admit to consulting microfilmed census records at NARA!
> I realize the revolution we are witnessing is amazing and I appreciate
> the growing access we have to the records we need to do our work. But
> I confess that for me, at least, sitting at home in front of a
> computer, amazing as it is, is not more fun than poring over musty old
> books in the courthouse! (smile!)
> Claire

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