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Subject: Re: [APG] Chicago Marriage Records and other LDS databases
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 15:50:09 EST

The major problem I have had with this whole line

1) People seem to be Blaiming or Crediting FHL with creating Government

That's apple and oranges. The fact that the FHL has creates a database does
not give them the right to dictate the use of the original records. They do
not want to do so. It was the same when the GSU microfilmed the records back
in the 60's. They had no say over whether the town clerk restricted access
to the originals. The town or county clerk may have started having me use
the copy in an effort to save the original or because they were too lazy to go
get the original but it was not the fault of the GSU or FHL.

If you don't want the original records restricted then you need to put
pressure on the local, state or federal officials in charge of the records not be
critical of FHL or Ancestry or Footnote.

Also impuning self-serving reasons for stand on the issue does not help

Just to make it clear, I do not work and ever have for any of the digitizers
(FHL Footnote etc) not for NARA. I I work as a poorly paid admin assistant
in the state education office. For some of you that will make my opinion
worthless. But I have used NARA for over 20 years and have much use out of the
on line databases. Are they perfect NO Do they have everything NO Do I
still have to look at microfilm, YES and occasionally the originals record if
I can. but I for one am glad that we no longer have to travel by stage coach
and use pencils and 3 x 5 cards. Will records get lost YES Have before
will again. Do I think care is being taken to ensure its the least amount
possible. On the whole yes. I prefer to research no than in the time when my
great grandmother had to visit each county in person and even then was ignored
because as a women her inquiries were not as important.

Julia Coldren-Walker
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