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From: "Peggy K. Reeves" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Frustrated with footnote
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:15:47 -0400
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Most of the men who served in the Revolution were not pensioned at all.
If your Peter Hagner was a high ranking officer, he wouldn't have been
eligible for pension.

High ranking officers of the Revolution had their own club, called the
"Society of the Cincinnati", because they received bounty land in what
was known as the U.S. Military District of Ohio.

If this Peter was an official in the new government, you might find him
mentioned in records of the Continental Congress. If he's mentioned
there, chances are good that the footnote scan of it will be illegible
or missing entirely, since the CC records on microfilm are so poor.
Poor microfilm transfers to onscreen digital badly at the resolution
being used, and a lot of images are lost in the process. The illegible
and left-out images are not indexed at all by Footnote (they just
disappear so you won't know what you're missing). The records of the
Continental Congress have a published every-name and every-place index,
and you should be able to find it at a research library near you.

You might also look for the "Federal Land Series" books by Clifford Neal
Smith. Those show the surveys for the bounty land district, and include
the name and bounty land numbers of various warrants that were issued.
If Peter never lived in Ohio, he probably sold his warrant to someone
else, and that would show in this book series. If his number doesn't
show up at all...well, maybe he got the warrant and never did anything
with it. It is also possible that his heirs found it after his death
and turned it back in to the government much later under one of the
scrip acts, getting cash for it. Perhaps he was a government official
and not a soldier, and didn't get bounty land at all.

If Peter worked for the Treasury Department as some kind of official or
auditor in the new government, you may want to speak to the NARA
archivist who handles record group 217. RG-217 used to be at the
College Park, MD NARA facility, but they recently moved some or all of
that record group elsewhere. You would have to make inquiry directly.

Virgil White has a series of books that are indexes to the pension
files, and there is one for Revolutionary pensioners. You shouldn't
have to check another source just to find out if a man was a pensioner
or not, but that's the only way "around it" that I know of.

Best wishes in your search.

Peggy Reeves

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Subject: [APG] Frustrated with footnote
From: Debbe Hagner <>
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Date: Friday, March 27, 2009 10:37:01 PM
> When I typed HAGNER in the box I get 5,457 hits.. I notice most of the
> HAGNER are in the annotations.. (Peter Hagner - he sign everyones
> American Rev. pensions) He was involved with the Treasurer dept..
> I am only interested in the DOCUMENTs that contain HAGNER and not HAGNER
> as witness or signatures...
> Is there a way around this.... I know I can add a place or first
> name... The Hagner moved around Washington DC, Baltimore and Chicago...
> I would appreciate any suggestions... or at least have FOOTNOTE add
> that we are not interested in those names in ANNOTATION (as a choice)...
> Am I missing something or anyone frustrated with footnote. It is great
> that they GOT a lot of documents online.. but make it user friendly!!
> Debbe Hagner (I thought HAGNER was a rare name)

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