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From: Jackie King <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Frustrated with footnote
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 08:45:55 -0500
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Debbe -

When you are dealing with government officials in early Washington you
actually have a huge leg up on many people. I have several who served in
the early government in Washington and while it does take a little
digging, I have much more documentation on them than many of the others
in my file.

If you've not already done so, check google books. You will find a
number in which Peter of the Treasury Department is involved in various
actions - and can also find Congressional action setting his salary and
making other awards. For instance on 3 Mar 1827 you will find before
Congress "An act making compensation to Peter Hagner, Third Auditor of
the Treasury Department." The act was for a special payment of $1,825
under "An act further to amend the act authorizing payment for property
lost, captured or destroyed by the enemy, while in the military service
of the United States, and for other purposes." I have to wonder if that
service was during the War of 1812 since Peter of the Treasury
department - according to several biographies of him to be found on
google books - is the son of the revolutionary war officer.

Also very helpful in my search of early Washington characters and office
holders have been the records found in Thomas - the digital search of
bills, congressional records etc - that you can find on the Library of
Congress's website.

Since newspapers are extant for early Washington and many of them can be
found on Genealogy Bank that has been an invaluable tool for me.
(Searching it is free). The newspapers go back to the mid 1790s and
since Peter was involved in the Treasury department from early on, he
likely will be found in mentions of proceedings of city government as
well as federal government work. The treasury department was right next
to the "unofficial city hall" for a number of years and it is very
common to find records of federal officials participating in the city
government of early Washington.

One other valuable source for me since i must operate from a distance
from Washington has been the JSTOR database. I access JSTOR through a
local university but you might try a local library to see if you can get
access. A word of caution. It sometimes is not that user friendly either.

In closing I will just include this from Joan M. Dixon's book, "National
Intelligencer Newspaper Abstracts, 1850" which is partially viewable on
Google books, that Peter Hagner who was the 3rd Auditor of the Treasury
died on July 16 at his residence in Washington and according to his
obituary and later articles was the son of Valentine Hagner, "worthy
citizen of that city, who served with credit in the war of the Revolution".

Sometimes, armed with the type of detail found in other places, it makes
finding an actual document much easier on Footnote. I've leveraged other
sources to find quite a few actual documents in my research in that
fashion. I don't know that Footnote can be considered quite like one of
the sites set up to specifically help with genealogy like Ancestry, but
instead should be considered more of a resource for the actual documents
once you know they exist. (BTW, Peter is listed in some of the
Washington City Directories and was much easier to find once I had his
death details)

Jackie King

Debbe Hagner wrote:
> When I typed HAGNER in the box I get 5,457 hits.. I notice most of the
> HAGNER are in the annotations.. (Peter Hagner - he sign everyones
> American Rev. pensions) He was involved with the Treasurer dept..
> I am only interested in the DOCUMENTs that contain HAGNER and not HAGNER
> as witness or signatures...
> Is there a way around this.... I know I can add a place or first
> name... The Hagner moved around Washington DC, Baltimore and Chicago...
> I would appreciate any suggestions... or at least have FOOTNOTE add
> that we are not interested in those names in ANNOTATION (as a choice)...
> Am I missing something or anyone frustrated with footnote. It is great
> that they GOT a lot of documents online.. but make it user friendly!!
> Debbe Hagner (I thought HAGNER was a rare name)
> .
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