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From: "Dee Dee King,Certified Genealogist" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Ancestry and professional genealogist project
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 11:03:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Kenyatta D. Berry said:
Interesting excerpts from Terms and Conditions policy at Ancestry Expert


Yes, Kenyatta.

One of the Transitional Genealogists Forum members emailed privately to ask what this meant to the bottom line.

To use simple numbers in an example:

If a genealogist charges $20 per hour for a 10 hour project = $200
If that project generates $20 in docs
If that project generates $30 in mileage
If that project generates $5.00 in postage

we have a $255 project with all proceeds going to the genealogist.

*If* the genealogist does the same professional project thru Expert.Ancestry, *and* Ancestry takes 25% off the project *total* - genealogist now gets $191.25 instead of $255 and Ancestry gets $63.75. That's now $15 an hour and a 25% loss on the out-of-pocket.

The only way the genealogist can make that $20 and hour and cover those actual expenses is to mark *everything* up by multiplying *approx.* 1.33.

The total $255 x 1.33 = $339.15 less 25% $84.79 leaves $254.36 for the genealogist.

If the genealogist does not mark up each line item, including sales tax if applicable, the genealogist looses 25%. And if payment is thru Paypal, their ever-escalating fees should be considered. Direct deposit is offered, if you're comfortable with Ancestry having both your credit card info for your subscriptions and your bank info...

And how do we answer those same clients when they see our regular rates on our websites? AND Ancestry gets a cut of ALL subsequent work from that client for one year...

Naw, it's just recycled TreeLance with the same ol' problems. This may work for some folks, but I'm not loosing 25% on every/any transaction Ancestry might generate. And I'm not jacking my rates x 1.33 in order to make the regular amount thru Ancestry.

But I am gonna' keep the nice invitation that says I'm one of the nation's top genealogists. Aw, I bet they said the same thing to a couple hundred folks. :-)

best regards,


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