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From: "LBoswell" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Client Report Copyright Ownership on Expert Connect
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 10:20:04 -0400
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Are the 'terms and conditions' the part the APG volunteers worked on maybe?
Just kidding, but the wording throughout sounds like it's emerged from some
committee or other.

Forget interpretations of law, how about basic fairness? Why expect to own
the report that you created under direction, and in the pay of, a client?
In a way I agree with this clause (or what I can glean from what I think
it's trying to convey). Under Canadian copyright one interpretation would be
that you would have to make it clear to the client in advance that you
wanted to keep the rights to it yourself. You are the hired hand, without
the client's instigation you'd have had no report to right. But each to his
own opinion, and I'm not judging or pre-judging yours, just my opinion

Why am I not surprised to see all these 'terms and conditions' being
attached. This is driven by a profit oriented large corporation. What else
should we expect? They're trying to cover their butts legally from all
possible outcomes. Who can blame them, given how their set up is evolving,
maybe there's a genuine need to make sure they're not vulnerable in the
future (from a legal point of view).

Aren't there are more transparent, user friendly versions around? I think
supporting independent versions seems less troublesome. I like to be able
to contact the designers and offer suggestions and point out bugs. And I
also I want as little interference inserted between client and research as
is possible. I imagine Ancestry will have a "feedback" option or some form
like that for us to use in the future and someone somewhere tasked to answer
it (or not). Ancestry's creation is ultimately designed to meet one goal
above all else (that goal starts with share and it ain't necessarily

Why did APG get involved with Ancestry on this in the first place?
Apologies if that's been asked and answered already but I've just subscribed
(no need to tell me to go to the list archives, haven't the time to do much
more than skim quickly through this discussion). It doesn't seem like a
good fit. What's in it for APG anyway? I think as a member, I'd like to
know how this came about.

Larry Boswell

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Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 9:50 AM
Subject: [APG] Client Report Copyright Ownership on Expert Connect

> Hello Todd,
> As I continue to review the Terms and Conditions of the Expert Connect
> service I am confused about some of the statements.
> Under #15 COPYRIGHT POLICY, fourth paragraph is the following statement:
> Material created and submitted by a provider to a Client through a
> service offering will, unless the submitter specifically states in
> writing to the contrary and this exception is also agreed upon in
> writing by the Client, is the property of the Client.
> Can you explain what Ancestry thinks this means? Since this is under the
> copyright section are you saying I must get the client to agree that I
> retain copyright ownership of the report I create and send to the
> client? This seems to contradict U.S. law if I am reading it correctly.
> --
> Regards, Debbie
> Debbie Parker Wayne
> Wayne Research -- http://debbiewayne.com/
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